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Pancoast Construction, Inc. was established by craftsman/builder Wick Pancoast in 2009.  It was a logical step to branch out on his own having worked as a lead carpenter, supervisor and project manager for a top East Bay contractor for a decade. Wick's strong people skills, sense of design, meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of all aspects of the building process provide the cornerstone of the company. He is involved personally with every project from start to finish.

In construction teamwork is vital. Pancoast Construction has worked hard to build a professional team of supervisors, carpenters and specialty sub-contractors who work together to ensure that every aspect of your project is completed efficiently and with the utmost concern for quality, detail and safety. Our experience and strong management skills make collaboration with architects, engineers, designers and city officials flow smoothly and efficiently.

As a small company of 14 employees we are able to keep overhead minimal, pricing competitive, quality impeccable and personalized service throughout each project.


Wick was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His interest in building was nurtured early in life by his grandfather who was an engineer and inventor. Not only did Wick learn about tools, materials and how things fit together, but his Grandfather instilled in him a confidence that anything is possible with patience, persistence and clear thinking.  

He attended the College of Wooster in Ohio where he studied a broad liberal arts curriculum and graduated with honors in Political Science.  For two and a half years following college, Wick circumvented the globe working, volunteering and exploring countries throughout Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. His last stop was the highlands of southern Laos where he worked with local communities on issues of indigenous rights and rainforest preservation.

Returning to the States, he settled in Berkeley and became Executive Director of The Borneo Project of Earth Island Institute, a position he held for eight years. Through The Borneo Project, Wick traveled back and forth to Malaysia galvanizing local and international support for indigenous communities fighting logging and palm oil plantations.  Wick remains an engaged member of The Borneo Project Board of Directors.

When Wick and his wife Carrie Wilson welcomed their first child Zo to the world, Wick removed his traveling shoes and entered the world of construction. He was a quick learner and picked up the specifics of the trade as a lead carpenter, supervisor and project manager with Berkeley Craftsmen General Contractors. During this time, Wick gained a reputation for fine craftsmanship, diligent management skills and an ability to establish deep and meaningful relationships with the clients he served.

In 2009 Wick branched out from Berkeley Craftsmen General Contractors to establish Pancoast Construction. Starting from scratch, his company continued to grow and Pancoast Construction has now worked on well over 100 homes in the East Bay Area.


At Pancoast Construction, Inc. we are committed to green building practices. We believe that green building practices are smart building practices. Reducing waste, conserving resources, and building structures that are healthy and energy efficient benefits the planet and your pocketbook. Wick Pancoast is a certified Green Building Professional.

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